Telehealth services offered in Dillon, CO

Online Urgent Care

Receive a treatment plan from a licensed, Board-Certified Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. You can book a virtual urgent care appointment and speak to a Medical Professional on your smartphone or computer in just 15 minutes, 7 days a week. Your online urgent care provider will provide you with a diagnosis, personalized care plan, and prescription. Book your urgent care appointment today.

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Most insurance is accepted, but not required

Prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy*

See an online doctor for urgent care

• Bronchitis
• Dental infection
• Ear infections
• Gout
• PrEP / PEP 
• Migraines
• Pink eye
• Pneumonia
• Rashes
• Cellulitis
• Stomach issues
• Sinus infections
• Strep throat
• Tonsillitis
• Vaginitis
• Vertigo
• Yeast infections
• Herpes 
• Birth Control 
• Hairloss
• Mental health 
• Anxiety 
• Latisse for eyelashes 
• Upneeq for under puffiness 
• Erectile dysfunction